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Peter Jelínek


About me

Endurance as my hobby

In 2011, after a lot of motivation from my wife, I decided to run a half marathon with my son. Since then I have been obsessed with endurance sports. The ultratriathlon fascinated me the most...

Born in 1968. I played handball when I was young and had a great sporting spirit. A few years after finishing my university studies, I stopped playing sports mainly because of work. I managed to make it up to two packs of cigarettes a day...

Long triathlon/Ironman (226 km) - 5x

Double ultratriathlon (452 km) - 2x

Triple ultra triatlap (678 km)  - 1x

Quintuple ultra triatlap (1130 km) - 1x

Deca ultratriathlon (2260 km) - 1x

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